nerdin’ out

i do truly feel like such a G-D nerd being back in school. i love doing my readings, i love class discussion, i love learning how to use new tools in my science class (including Cricut, 3D printers, Lego’s robotics sets, and Minecraft). i’m finding myself more and more excited to actually teach — i love learning so much and i love finding out new things, and i want to be the kind of teacher who encourages this in their students!

though i’m getting my master’s in elementary ed, i am already planning to continue taking classes in the sciences (specifically earth science and bio) so that i can both incorporate additional scientific understandings into my elementary teaching, and maybe someday move up to teaching older kids in a more specialized sense.

i’m theoretically interested in the American Museum of Natural History’s 15-month stipended program to become an upper level earth science instructor — seems right up my alley! (and here i speak it into existence.) i know as a teacher as well it’s important to keep growing and learning as we move forward so that i avoid falling into ruts (unless survival calls for a temporary rut) and keep finding new ways to encourage natural learning in my students.

i’ve reached out to an elementary school near where i live to possibly begin as a teacher assistant there in the fall — fingers crossed!


on a side note, a re-brand of this site is becoming necessary i believe. i’m starting a ~side hustle~ Etsy business, TBD, hopefully to be kicked into higher gear once this exhausting month of class is up, and i’d like to represent that and also my teacherly aspirations better than my current theme does. Pumpkinheaded Girl served me well for a time but i think it’s time for change. ❤

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